Piotr Lemański, a jazz guitarist and teacher, made his first and permanent appearance on the music stage at the beginning of the 1980s, when he, together with his friends Piotr Biskupski and Jarogniew Mikołajczak, set up the trio FOR SALE and, after the successful debut at the International Festival of the Traditional Jazz - Old Jazz Meeting (Złota Tarka), started a regular concert activity which, with short intervals, has lasted up to now.

Supervised by the legendary Polish guitarist Marek Bliziński, Piotr Lemański studied the secrets of jazz music for a few years, adopting Bliziński’s aesthetics and becoming a continuator of his master’s style. The exploration of the guitar as a solo and accompanying jazz instrument has become his passion.

Apart from leading his own bands, Lemański has cooperated with most of the best musicians in the Polish jazz scene. He prefers giving concerts with small, two- or three- member groups. He is also one of the very few guitarists playing solo recitals.

Lemański finished the High Music School in Toruń and graduated from the faculty of Music Pedagogy, the Pedagogy College, in Bydgoszcz. He successfully combines his artistic and teaching activities: he has been a lecturer at a wide range of jazz workshops both in Poland and abroad for over twenty years (Puławy, Chodzież, Margonin, Kassel and Marburg). He was a guitar teacher at the faculty of Music Pedagogy, the Pedagogy College, Bydgoszcz, for more than ten years. Since 1995 Lemański has been running a jazz guitar class in two of Warsaw’s music schools: The Frédéric Chopin Music School (jazz section) (Z S M im. F. Chopina, Wydział Jazzu), and the Authorial Krzysztof Komeda School of Music (A SM R i J im. K. Komedy).

Lemański collaborates with music magazines: for many years he has been discovering the secrets of jazz guitar in his regular music column, initially in the magazine called Guitar & Bass (Gitara i Bas), and, since 2006, in the monthly Guitarist (Gitarzysta). The Jazz Forum and Guitar & Bass polls have placed him among the top ten Polish jazz guitarists; he has also received a few rewards and honourable mentions at the festivals Jazz Juniors, Jazz on the Odra and Old Jazz Meeting. Lemański plays a guitar designed and hand built especially for him by the outstanding luthier Zbigniew Mleczek from Malbork.